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Diabetes Resources: – recipes, fitness tips and health guides from a team of diabetes experts - International Diabetes Federation - General information about living with diabetes - educational resource for diabetes-related news - information from CDC on obesity - CDC, one-stop shop for all things diabetes - community of diabetes resources - community of resources for Type1 DM - information and news sources for people with diabetes - news and views for people with Type 2 DM - digital diabetes news for people on insulin - a collaborative blog by Type 2 DM patients and advocates - online magazine for practical tips for managing diabetes - official site of the American Diabetes Association - patient advocacy and education for Type 1 DM - the National Diabetes Education Program - news and information from the Joslin Diabetes Center

Thyroid Resources: - information on thyroid cancer - international network of thyroid patient support organizations - Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association - official site of the American Thyroid Association - the Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation

Pituitary Resources: - patient advocacy organization devoted to early diagnosis, treatment, and cure for pituitary diseases

Comprehensive Resource: -public education resource of the Endocrine Society - interactive endocrine system tool